Like a Rainbow – The Colors of Mexico

Travelling through Mexico was like bathing in colors, and undoubtedly that was one of the reasons why I fell in love with this country.

There is a tendency to colorful decorations and style, which you can see on the small flags hanging in almost every corner, on painted walls of houses or inside restaurants, on Altars to saints and virgins, on traditional dresses embroidered with flowers, in cults and dances;

Then, there is the food – fruits, seeds and sweets of all colors, or dishes with sauces from burning red to soft green;

And not to forget the landscapes – white sand, turquoise sea; lakes of an intense light blue, in the middle of beige mountains and bright green forests…

And since I bought my first reflex camera in Mexico, I began to capture some of its blaze of color.

Enjoy some impressions, and maybe gain some inspiration to discover more by yourself.

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