„Grey Lima is full of colors“…

… this is a common saying here. Still it was a challenge for me to discover them, walking around at afternoon, blanketed in winterly grey, under a sky of a dull shade that it seemed weighing heavy on my shoulders (and on my heart). But some hours later, everything changed. What I did not know: The beauty and the colours of Lima appear at night.

Strolling along the streets at late hours, I find it, I feel it:

I like Lima golden; street lights here are mild and warm instead of white and cold like in Germany. Everything then seems warmer, softer, more poetic: The statues of freedom fighters like Simón Bolívar; the Virgin Mary carved out of a tree-trunk; cats wandering around at lonesome streets; the rocks on the Pacific Sea;

I like Lima in blue and pink, when I dance and listen to live Indie music in one of the bars in the bohemian neighborhood of Barranco; which are also kind of ateliers, where friends of the owners exhibit their paintings and collages;

I like Lima in white and red, when I see flowers  in parks and in the streets and when I watch a woman in a wedding dress doing a photo shooting in Parque de la Reserva;

I like Lima colorful, during a water show in the same location, where fountains start to shine in all shapes and colors, where you can cross a tunnel of water and feel like in a Science fiction movie, where you can run through a special fountain trying not to get wet…

And finally I also like Lima sunny, which is an unaccustomed pleasure in winter; but today, the sun came out and announced an early spring; and this makes me write this entry not in a melancholic mood like I would have done before, but just feeling totally calm and contented with the poetry of this city, which is not omnipresent, but which definitely can be found – especially at night.

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