I am a 26-year-old freelance journalist,

recently graduated with Distinction from the M.Sc. programme in Gender and International Relations at the University of Bristol.

I fell in love with Latin America seven years ago
when I worked as a volunteer in São Paulo:
Latin America means music, vitality, hospitatily.
Still, that doesn’t mean that I am blinded by love:
Latin America also means  poverty, crime and sexism.

In this blog, I reflect these contrasts which surround me since I came to Latin America in several occasions. I travelled, worked and studied in several countries so far, with extensive stays in Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Colombia. 

Feminism, Queerness and Photography are the principal issues I began to focus on during my personal and physical journey through the subcontinent.

I call this blog my Latin American Diary because it shows some pieces of the subcontinent through my eyes. It is a mosaic of photos, social issues, lifestyle and personal impressions.

3 Antworten zu About

  1. Fritz schreibt:

    Ehrlich, ich bin beeindruckt.. Tolle Erlebnisse und Erzählungen!

  2. Fritz schreibt:

    Hi Rena,
    wie außer über den Blog kann man dich denn erreichen?

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