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Cleópatra, Queen of Copacabana

Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro: where urban chaos meets velvety sand and turquoise sea. I hear people laughing, waves breaking, beach vendors shouting, offering simple delicacies: Açaí, Açaí! Cerveja! Maaa-tchi! On a normal day, it melts into background sound. Today is … Weiterlesen

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Traveller Blues

For weeks, I’ve been drafting new blog posts and have published none. In those weeks, I’ve travelled thousands of kilometres, swam in the sea, hiked through the jungle, interviewed activists in three different cities, started a feminist column, got three … Weiterlesen

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Latin American Animals

The most time of my year in Latin America I spent in big cities: Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Lima… However, when I escaped from the metropolis to travel through Latin America’s wonderful landscapes, I also could capture some of … Weiterlesen

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The oddity of coming home

How did the sky look when I left Germany in March 2013? Grey. How did it look when I came home ten months later? Grey. That was expectable. However, coming home was not exactly as I had expected. In some … Weiterlesen

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The Beauty of South America

Diese Galerie enthält 44 Fotos.

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Like a Rainbow – The Colors of Mexico

Travelling through Mexico was like bathing in colors, and undoubtedly that was one of the reasons why I fell in love with this country. There is a tendency to colorful decorations and style, which you can see on the small … Weiterlesen

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